Planning a 10th Birthday Party to celebrate double-digit status?

10th birthday party

Here are some great 10th birthday party ideas for you!

Welcome to the tween years! Your child is heading to double-digits and are on their way to adolescence. Celebrate their first decade on Earth with a memorable 10th birthday party!


Ten-year-olds have important, solid friendships with fewer children. They probably have clear ideas about how they’d like to celebrate their special day and know who they’d like to invite to their 10th birthday party.


Your 10-year-old may feel too grown up to be considered a child any more but he or she is still too young to be a teen. Tweens may look mature, but they’re still dealing with the feelings of a younger person. Some tweens love active play with a big group of friends while others prefer activities with smaller, closer groups.


Cool ideas for your child’s 10th birthday party:

At Waggle Dance, we have something for every tween! Ten-year-olds may love the idea of a fun sleepover celebrated with a pamper and dance party, or an Arabian Nights themed celebratory lunch at an award-winning restaurant.  Listening to music and chatting while having their hands, feet, shoulders or arms adorned in henna art is a popular and symbolic way to celebrate. Perhaps they would like to make a big bonfire and combine it with an exciting fire show or African drumming! A movie party is always a hit, especially an outdoor one that can become a combination gaming and music party in between movies!


A ’10-challenges’ celebration is very popular for those who don’t want a party but little celebrations with different friends and family each time. The birthday child is challenged to do 10 different things to mark the occasion. Some of the challenges we can offer are: try your hand at African drumming, experience Medieval times with a sword-fighting lesson, learn to play Brazilian Capoeira, play the Cro-Magnon board game with a group of friends to experience yourself as pre-historic creatures on the way to becoming a homo sapiens, learn some new hula hooping tricks, learn to write a movie script –  perhaps one of their life so far 🙂


If you would like to surprise your child, have a look at our Magic Moment Surprise! This surprise entertainment can take on many forms and will give your birthday boy or girl a big thrill! We have sent Einstein, a rainbow hula hoop artist, disco singers and even a magic messenger from Africa.


Our entertainers are highly-skilled professionals who love to amaze and amuse. We’d be delighted to personalise your entertainment to suit your child’s tenth birthday celebration!


Click here to browse through a variety of birthday party entertainment options. Feel free to contact us if you need any help or have questions.


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