Do You Have a 12 year old Birthday Party Coming Up?

12 year old

Here are some party ideas for your 12 year old!

Adolescence is just around the corner for your soon-to-be 12 year old and it’s the perfect time to celebrate this transition from childhood in a fun, meaningful way.


When choosing the theme and entertainment for your 12-year-old’s birthday, consider their special interests, the size of the party and whether you will be entertaining adult guests as well. With twelve being a significant birthday in some cultures,  you may be planning quite a large event with many adult guests too, such as a Bat Mitzvah.


Whether you’re planning a celebration at home or another, we have some lovely kids’ entertainment options that will delight young and old.


Our entertainers are skilled professionals who love amusing children of all ages and adults too. We’d be delighted to personalise your entertainment to suit your child’s 12th birthday celebration! We have done some interesting themes and entertainment combinations for special occasions, so don’t hesitate to ask us for ideas!


Options for your child’s 12th birthday party

Click here to browse through a variety of birthday party entertainment options. You may want to combine some options for a mixed age group or customise entertainment to suit both adult and child guests.  We know we’ll have something that will delight your guests! Feel free to contact us if you need any help or have questions.



Want more ideas for kids parties and gifts?

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Contact us at Waggle Dance to help you plan fantastic kids’ entertainment for your child’s 12th birthday party!

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