Planning a 3-year-old birthday party?

3-year-old birthday party ideas. Three cupcakes with candles in rainbow colours

Here are some 3-year-old birthday party ideas for you!

Your little party animal is officially growing up! Say goodbye to terrible twos and hello to independence. Parenting a 3-year-old is exhausting and rewarding in a whole new way- here are some tips for a fun 3-year-old birthday party.

At three years old, kids love to socialise and start to make more friends their own age. Perhaps they’re still meeting with children from your mother’s group, attending a playgroup, started 3-year-old kinder, going to childcare, or enjoying lessons such as swimming or dancing. Either way, your child probably knows exactly who they want to invite and may even have a theme in mind. They will love getting involved in planning their party.

A third birthday party is a wonderful opportunity to appeal to your child’s need to “do it themselves”. They want to try new things, don’t need you hands-on all the time, enjoy socialising more and probably have a favourite story, character or game they love. Three-year-olds can be possessive about their toys, so keep favourite toys outside of the party area. Choose entertainment that is interactive and bring new and neutral things to discover and play with together.

When planning a 3-year-old birthday party, consider how many children you will have and whether your party will be indoors or outdoors. Don’t have too much going on and let the party go for too long. Avoid activities where kids have to wait their turn such as face-painting. They want to be active and play.  Parents find it easiest to host 3rd birthday parties at home or a nearby park. Having an entertainer at the party will allow the adults to have some time to socialise without actively supervising the children.

Options for your child’s third birthday party

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