Looking for 5-year-old Birthday Party Ideas?

5-year-old birthday party ideas. Kids jumping in sacks having fun.

Here are some 5-year-old birthday party ideas for you!

It’s a big year for your soon-to-be 5 year old! They have either started prep or are the big kids at kindergarten! They like making new friends, and probably want them all at their 5-year-old birthday party – perhaps even their whole class!


Your almost five-year-old has a clearer understanding of rules and are socialising much better.  They may be fascinated by something specific and can enjoy more structured play. They are also developing a greater understanding of just how big the world is out there, and this birthday is a great opportunity to bring the world to their backyard!


When planning your five-year-old’s birthday, consider their special interests and how many children they would like to invite. What kind of entertainment will work best for a bigger group? Will the party be indoors or outdoors? Perhaps your child would enjoy a sports party with all their friends, or maybe they’d love to be entertained with hula hoops or their favourite superhero!


Options for your child’s fifth birthday party

Click here to browse through a variety of birthday party entertainment options. We know we’ll have something that will delight your guests! Feel free to contact us if you need any help or have questions. Our kids’ entertainers are skilled professionals who love amazing an amusing children. We are more than happy to personalise the entertainment to suit your child’s fifth birthday celebration perfectly!



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