Do you have a 6-year-old birthday party coming up?

Group of children enjoying a birthday party with cake and six candles. 6-year-old birthday party ideas.

Here are some 6-year-old birthday party ideas for you!

Your soon-to-be 6-year-old is in big school now, have a wider circle of friends and their own opinions!  They are more conscious of gender preferences when it comes to interests and games. They also love identifying with people and characters in their lives which makes a 6-year-old birthday party lots of fun!


Your six-year-old is getting better at controlling their emotions with imaginary play top on their list! They delight in the idea of entertaining their friends, and probably want them all there on their birthday. They may also at this time prefer to only invite boys or the girls to their party!


At six years old, children play well without too much hands-on supervision which opens up many more party options. Parents are more comfortable dropping their kids off at a party and collecting them after, so make sure to put on your invitation if you would like parents to stay, if they can choose or if it is a drop-off and pick-up party.


When planning your 6-year-old birthday party, consider their special interests, the number of children and where you will be hosting the party.  What kind of entertainment will work best for that group and venue? Perhaps your child would enjoy a sports party with all their friends, or maybe they’d love to be entertained with hula hoops or giant bubbles or try circus play!


When it comes to a party venue, would you like to entertain at home, at a nearby park or perhaps choose a venue such as a local Scout Hall to host the party at? Remember to take weather conditions into consideration when making a choice.


Whether you’re planning a celebration at home, amongst nature or another venue we have some lovely kids entertainment options that will delight young and old.

Options for your child’s sixth birthday party

Click here to browse through a variety of birthday party entertainment options. Feel free to contact us if you need any help or have questions. Our kids’ entertainers are skilled professionals who love amazing and amusing children. We are more than happy to personalise the entertainment to suit your child’s sixth birthday celebration perfectly!.

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