Do you have a 9-year-old Birthday Party coming up?

9-year-old birthday party

Here are some 9-year-old birthday party ideas for you!

The last year of single-digits is upon you! Your child is about to turn nine, and may be feeling extra grown up and sophisticated this year! They have clear ideas about what they like and their 9-year-old birthday party is the perfect opportunity to cater to their heart.


A nine-year-old’s maturity is increasing rapidly, but they are still kids at heart. Your child may love active play with big groups of friends, or may prefer doing activities with smaller, closer groups.


Nine-year-olds have important, solid friendships they love to nourish. They may wish to invite their whole class to their birthday, but will probably prefer to pick and choose their closest friends – perhaps only boys or girls – to invite to their birthday party.


When choosing the theme and entertainment for a 9-year-old birthday party, consider their special interests and how many children you’ll need to invite. Will it be all boys or all girls, or a mixture of both? What kind of entertainment will work best for a smaller or bigger group? Would your child prefer an active party such as Medieval sword-fighting or Brazilian Capoeira, or do they feel like something a little more intimate such as a Henna Art party or Zen to Zany pamper and dance party or an Arabian Nights themed lunch at an award-winning restaurant?


Whether you’re planning a celebration at home or amongst nature, we have some lovely kids’ entertainment options that will delight young and old.


Our kids’ entertainers are highly-skilled professionals who love amusing children of all ages. We’d be delighted to personalise your entertainment to suit your child’s ninth birthday celebration!


Options for your child’s ninth birthday party

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