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Searching for a meaningful gift for your kids or grandkids? Fed up with mass produced plastic junk? Waggle Dance is your convenient online gift shop offering experiences as gifts for children aged 0-12. We curate extraordinary and exclusive:

  • experience gifts for kids – inspire their innate creativity, sense of curiosity and sense of fun!
  • kids’ parties with a difference – no more cookie cutter parties!

Convenient, meaningful and unforgettable gifts for kids

Every Waggle Dance experience is delivered by hand-picked hosts, individuals and businesses who are passionate about their craft and inspiring creativity in children. Our Chief Experience Officer has impeccable taste – and the son of our founder, Izolde Bensch!

Waggle Dance About UsIzolde created Waggle Dance to fill a gap she discovered through her own quest to find enriching and inspiring gifts for her son and his friends:

I love giving family and friends unique experiences as gifts – spa treatments, music shows, dance classes – something different and memorable. Since my son was born, I have experienced the total onslaught of plastic! So much material stuff is gifted on special occasions, I started looking in vain for more fun, meaningful and lasting gifts that could be found and gifted easily.

How to find the perfect gifts for kids

Whether it’s active music tummy time for littlies with a professional opera singer or private medieval sword fighting classes with a European-trained teacher, you can be sure it won’t be for sale at your local department store!
We make giving unique gifts for kids simple – from anywhere in the world, any time of the day:

  1. Use our helpful search function to select the perfect gift from a wide range of exclusive age-appropriate experiences in Melbourne and surrounds.
  2. After secure online checkout, instantly deliver your chosen gift through our themed, personalised e-gift system.

Concierge – at your service

Can’t decide on a gift? Our Concierge is at your service to assist in curating a unique gift experience or celebration for your child. We’ll even assist you with kids party invitations and thank you notes.

Waggle Dance gift vouchers

Want to make choosing the gift part of the experience? Select a gift certificate and allow your loved one to choose their own adventure!

Amazing kids parties with a difference

Don’t settle for crowded, noisy party venues with inferior food and a one-size-fits-all rigid schedule. At Waggle Dance our focus is quality over quantity. We take time to select the right kids party hosts and curate experiences that will delight every child and family.

Importantly, we also consider the whole family’s experience and everyone’s memories of the day. We can even help you with professional photography and videography packages.
Whether your child is a soccer or footy fanatic, a fairy or pirate devotee or an aspiring thespian or musician, we’ve got professional party hosts who will make their birthday a celebration they will never forget.
Browse our full range of children’s parties.

What is a Waggle Dance?

A ‘waggle dance’ is an intriguing figure eight dance a worker honeybee does to alert other members of the hive to the discovery of a good new source of nectar.
And that’s exactly what we do – Waggle Dance is a source of unforgettable experiences and exclusive gifts for children. We show parents where to find these gifts through a convenient online marketplace.

Inspire their innate creativity: give the gift of lasting memories. Search gifts for kids and kids parties now!