Social skills are key to first and lasting impressions!

teenagers social skills

How etiquette and social skills training can help teenagers open future doors It can be a thankless task persuading teenagers to do the right thing, let alone listen to you. Our teens are contending with much growing up in today’s fast-moving world. They are forming independent thoughts and ideas, but also want to fit. Balancing […]

Top Winter Kids Parties

winter kids parties

Baby it’s cold outside … ideas for Winter Kids Parties! Melbourne weather is unpredictable at the best of times which leaves parents looking for options for winter kids parties that are fun, active and can be hosted indoors in the colder months. For those of you who do not wish to entertain at home or […]

Give life to your special family memories with bespoke photo books

photo books

We do all the hard work for you! Most of us have more photos on our devices than we like to admit. We say: ‘One day, I’ll organise it all’. As we know, that ‘one day’ seldom comes. Let’s face it, creating photo books are a time-intensive process. It also feels like we have to […]

Do You Have a 12 year old Birthday Party Coming Up?

12 year old

Here are some party ideas for your 12 year old! Adolescence is just around the corner for your soon-to-be 12 year old and it’s the perfect time to celebrate this transition from childhood in a fun, meaningful way.   When choosing the theme and entertainment for your 12-year-old’s birthday, consider their special interests, the size […]

Looking for 11-year-old Birthday Party ideas?

11-year-old birthday party

Here are some great ideas for 11th birthday parties! You’re well into the tween years and time is flying! Your 11-year-old may be feeling quite grown up but they still love to play and have fun on their birthdays. Most tweens do however prefer a smaller group of close friends instead of a large group. […]

Planning a 10th Birthday Party to celebrate double-digit status?

10th birthday party

Here are some great 10th birthday party ideas for you! Welcome to the tween years! Your child is heading to double-digits and are on their way to adolescence. Celebrate their first decade on Earth with a memorable 10th birthday party!   Ten-year-olds have important, solid friendships with fewer children. They probably have clear ideas about […]

Do you have a 9-year-old Birthday Party coming up?

9-year-old birthday party

Here are some 9-year-old birthday party ideas for you! The last year of single-digits is upon you! Your child is about to turn nine, and may be feeling extra grown up and sophisticated this year! They have clear ideas about what they like and their 9-year-old birthday party is the perfect opportunity to cater to […]

Looking for 8-year-old birthday party ideas?

8-year-old birthday party

Here are some 8-year-old birthday party ideas for you! Your baby is about to turn eight and becoming more independent every day! Eight is such a magical age, their personality comes alive, they love to joke and to help – which makes an 8-year-old birthday party a breeze!   Many eight-year-olds  have formed closer friendships […]

Planning a 7-year-old birthday party?

7-year-old birthday party

Here are some 7-year-old birthday party ideas for you! Your soon-to-be seven-year-old is growing up fast and has matured a lot! They like to try new things, play well together as teams or groups, understand more complex rules and have developed more specific interests which makes a 7-year-old birthday party heaps of fun! Seven-your-olds can […]

Do you have a 6-year-old birthday party coming up?

Group of children enjoying a birthday party with cake and six candles. 6-year-old birthday party ideas.

Here are some 6-year-old birthday party ideas for you! Your soon-to-be 6-year-old is in big school now, have a wider circle of friends and their own opinions!  They are more conscious of gender preferences when it comes to interests and games. They also love identifying with people and characters in their lives which makes a […]

Looking for 5-year-old Birthday Party Ideas?

5-year-old birthday party ideas. Kids jumping in sacks having fun.

Here are some 5-year-old birthday party ideas for you! It’s a big year for your soon-to-be 5 year old! They have either started prep or are the big kids at kindergarten! They like making new friends, and probably want them all at their 5-year-old birthday party – perhaps even their whole class!   Your almost five-year-old […]

Planning a 4-year-old Birthday Party?

4-year-old birthday party. Little boy blowing his 4 candles on this birthday cake.

Here are some 4-year-old birthday party ideas for you! Welcome to the kindergarten years! Be prepared to invite most of your child’s friends to their 4-year-old birthday party – they will be so excited about it they will tell everyone! Pre-schoolers are bursting with energy and have vivid imaginations. They have more specific preferences and […]

Planning a 3-year-old birthday party?

3-year-old birthday party ideas. Three cupcakes with candles in rainbow colours

Here are some 3-year-old birthday party ideas for you! Your little party animal is officially growing up! Say goodbye to terrible twos and hello to independence. Parenting a 3-year-old is exhausting and rewarding in a whole new way- here are some tips for a fun 3-year-old birthday party. At three years old, kids love to […]

Looking for 2-year-old Birthday Party Ideas?

2-year-old birthday party. Bithday cake with number 2 candle on.

Tips on planning a 2-year-old birthday party! Your baby is finally turning two! It’s been a year of milestones – first steps, first sentences, and lots more teeth! Their personality is shining through more and more each day. A 2-year-old birthday party is quite different from the first and more hands-on for mums and dads. […]

Organising kids entertainment?

kids entertainment tips. Kids at Birthday Party, Cake and Balloons

Helpful kids entertainment tips: There is no shortage of kids entertainment in Melbourne, so where do you start? These handy kids entertainment tips will help you find the best option for your occasion. When to start? It is advisable to book entertainers at least four weeks prior to your event and even longer ahead if you […]

Quick tips for taking photo’s at kids parties

photo's kids parties

Practical tips to help you capture the story of your child’s special day! Written by Vanessa Dean,  founder of albumz    Parties have changed a lot since I was a child. Life in the 70’s was simpler, and so were the parties. But we loved them all the same. One day a year being all […]

Top Summer Birthday Parties for Kids

summer birthday parties

It’s Summer party time! Hosting a summer birthday party for kids are filled with venue options such as a park, the backyard, the beach, a beach box or even a boat shed! It’s all about warm weather, easy food, outdoor fun, bright colours, ice cream, and summer fruit.   Mermaid Party Magic Little people are […]

Becca and the Bee

honey bee story

The lovely Rebecca Williams of Natural Narrative Resources wrote this beautiful story of a fond memory of her childhood, and she was kind enough to share it with us: Becca and the Bee Even in the shade with a good book, the afternoon felt too hot and humid. Becca sat her book down and looked over […]

Five Easy Ways to Teach Kids Gratitude

teach kids gratitude

Gratitude is …   … to be thankful, to show appreciation and to return kindness. Gratitude is widely believed to be linked with greater life satisfaction, increased self-esteem, and a more optimistic attitude in general. How did you learn to be grateful? How are your children learning to be grateful?   Feeling grateful is thought […]

The Kindest Thing

How a line from a movie, a quote on social media and a story from a mother made me think about kindness.

What does the right choice feel like?   Have you seen the movie called Wild starring Reese Witherspoon? In the movie her mother says to her: Always do the kindest thing. It made me think about kindness and how we as parents try to give our children a moral compass to navigate through what seems […]

Top 5 Memorable Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

Kids' Birthday Party Ideas

Are you looking for an extra special way to celebrate your child’s next birthday? Had enough of indoor play centres and uninspiring birthday party venues? Maybe you just want something more exciting than pass the parcel and musical chairs at your home this year. Or maybe you’d like to make the most of a party […]

5 Party Venues in Melbourne You’ve Never Considered

New ideas for kids’ party venues in Melbourne What makes a good party venue for kids?  Size?  Location?  Sometimes what you need for a party venue is something left-of-the-middle.  The local playground is fine, your house is convenient, but let’s think outside the box a little! Book one of these party venues in Melbourne you’ve […]

No More Ho Hum Birthday Parties in Melbourne

Tired of indoor play-centre birthday parties in Melbourne? Organise a memory-making birthday celebration through Waggle Dance, instead.

No more ho hum Birthday Parties in Melbourne There’s a time and a place for a play-centre visit, but a birthday celebration is not one of them.   Sure, indoor playgrounds are great to let your kids run amok on a rainy day.  Let’s be honest though, play-centre birthday parties lack the personal vibe you get […]

Calling all Knights and Maidens! Have a Medieval kids theme party!

Knights and Maidens: Have a Medieval Kids’ Theme Party Behold young squires and maidens of the land.   Stop all your birthday party plans, because Waggle Dance offers you the best kids’ party idea since the Middle Ages.  Introducing, the Medieval Sword Fighting Party.   What happens at a Medieval Sword Fighting Party?   The thrill […]

Waggle Dance Groovy Givers

Waggle Dance Groovy Givers

Meet Brett, our first Waggle Dance GROOVY GIVER! Brett is our first Waggle Dance Groovy Giver by choosing our PAY IT FORWARD party for his birthday. Here is a bit more about why he chose to help orangutans through his party.   “Hi, I’m Brett. I love the orangutan, they are a bit like me […]

Discover unique kids parties in Melbourne

kids parties in Melbourne

The ultimate list of ideas for kids parties! Waggle Dance has you covered for kids parties in Melbourne.  We make every party an adventure your child will remember forever! The best indoor and outdoor party hosts come to your home or a venue of your choice, so you can relax and enjoy the celebrations with […]

It only takes 3 days …

It only takes three days to start fundamental change in your body – the way you look, the way you think, the way you move and feel.   We are one of the most stressed, exhausted, depressed, addicted, medicated and obese generations in the history of the developed world and somehow we call this progress […]

Who packs your child’s parachute?

Children's social and emotional development

You may have heard this story before but I want to share it with you here.   Charles Plumb was a US Navy jet pilot in Vietnam. After 75 combat missions he was shot down but parachuted into enemy territory. After 6 years in a Viet Cong prison camp, he returned to the USA and […]

Love languages

We all like to learn more about our children and ourselves and how to communicate effectively and show our love to each other. Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell wrote a book called ‘The 5 Love Languages of Children‘. They believe that every child has a primary language of love, a way in which they understand […]

Did you know?

“Humans have been keeping honeybees for thousands of years, yet the insects still manage to surprise us. Lost in the debate over what is causing the death of bees is how intricately complex their lives are, from the tiniest brood to the virgin queen. After all, what other invertebrate communicates by dance?” (TIME, Society in […]

Make a difference

One song can spark a moment One flower can wake a dream One tree can start a forest One bird can herald spring One smile begins a friendship One handclasp lifts a soul One star can guide a ship at sea One word can frame a goal One vote can change a nation One sunbeam […]