If the gift you received is not suitable and you want to exchange it, this is what you need to know:

You can exchange for most gifts on our website unless otherwise stated in the gift information.

The gift voucher must be valid, not subject to a booking already made with a host and unused.

Please notify us in writing via e-mail to if you would like to exchange a gift.

We will cancel that Gift Voucher and issue you with a Gift Certificate to the same value of the original gift you received.

Please use the Gift Certificate we issue you with to purchase another more suitable gift of your choice for the same or greater value on the website. If the new gift you choose are more expensive than the original one, you can pay the difference on the website during checkout.

The gift certificate will be valid for 12 months from date of issue. Once you choose a new gift on the website and check out using your Gift Certificate, the Gift voucher for the specific gift you chose will be valid for 12 months from that date of purchase.

Exchanges do not apply to Gift Certificates of a dollar value.


If you have purchased a gift from Waggle Dance and you change your mind about your purchase, you can request a refund within 30 days of the purchase date.

Refunds can be made on unused, not yet booked and unexpired vouchers bought direct from the Waggle Dance website.

A refund cannot be given once you have booked your gift in with the host.

Refunds can only be made to the Purchaser and the monies will be refunded directly to the original method of payment.

Refunds cannot be given on expired, extended or exchanged vouchers.

Refunds do not apply to Gift Certificates of a dollar value.

Please inform us in writing via e-mail to if you wish to refund a purchase.

In the event that a Gift Host is unable or no longer able to provide the experience/service/event specified, an alternative will be suggested. If no suitable alternative can be found, the Purchaser of the gift will be refunded at the original purchase price.