Calling all Knights and Maidens! Have a Medieval kids theme party!

Knights and Maidens: Have a Medieval Kids’ Theme Party

Behold young squires and maidens of the land.   Stop all your birthday party plans, because Waggle Dance offers you the best kids’ party idea since the Middle Ages.  Introducing, the Medieval Sword Fighting Party.


What happens at a Medieval Sword Fighting Party?


The thrill of knightly combat is what attracts most children to the idea of a medieval kids’ party. That said, it isn’t all about fighting.  Your children and party guests will learn chivalry before a battle in the Medieval Sword Fighting Party organised by Waggle Dance.


Your host for the day, Gindi, will begin the party entertainment with a brief demonstration.  Gindi, a teacher at the School of Historical Fencing, is an instructor in medieval and renaissance combat.


The party crew will learn the qualities of a good knight, such as loyalty and honour.  Following the intro, your children and party guests will learn how to handle a sword and gain an understanding of the techniques used in battle.


Children are then split into groups to play in fun battle games, under the watchful eye of Gindi.  This party is designed for up to 20 children.  Costume dress-ups are encouraged, otherwise active wear is just fine.


Where do medieval kids’ parties take place?


Your knight party theme can work in any venue you choose. Your party host will travel to your home or party venue within a 20km radius of the Melbourne CBD.  Don’t have the room at home or in your backyard?  You could hold a knights themed party in the park or in a hired venue.   Should you need to hire a party venue, you won’t need to do so for a lengthy time-frame.   Your party host will entertain for 1 hour, after which you can all sit down to enjoy a medieval banquet, should you desire!


Age recommendation for a medieval kids’ party


You don’t have to be a Game of Thrones fanatic to appreciate medieval history.   A knight party theme is for anyone! Knights in shining armour, fictitious fire breathing dragons, Joan of Arc, princesses and fair maidens have long been a fascination for young people.


The Medieval Sword Fighting Party with Waggle Dance is recommended for children aged 5 years and over and highly recommended for tweens.   You don’t need to fret about injury either because replica foam swords are used!


Take this opportunity to inspire your young children and tweens with REAL history action at a medieval knights themed kids’ party.  Book your Medieval Sword Fighting Party with Waggle Dance HERE or call 1300 WAGGLE / 1300 924 453.


Looking for the best kids’ party since the Middle Ages? Book your Medieval Sword Fighting Party with Waggle Dance today!

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