No More Ho Hum Birthday Parties in Melbourne

Tired of indoor play-centre birthday parties in Melbourne? Organise a memory-making birthday celebration through Waggle Dance, instead.

No more ho hum Birthday Parties in Melbourne

There’s a time and a place for a play-centre visit, but a birthday celebration is not one of them.   Sure, indoor playgrounds are great to let your kids run amok on a rainy day.  Let’s be honest though, play-centre birthday parties lack the personal vibe you get from a more private celebration. Then there are also the crowds, lack of parking and noise levels to contend with. Avoid all of that with a mobile party that comes to a location convenient to you, be it your home, a park, a nearby beach or a hired venue. Choose a celebration the whole family can enjoy without the stress. Memories are made of togetherness.

Waggle Dance: the better alternative for birthday parties in Melbourne

Whether you choose to host a party at home, at a hired venue, or the park or beach, Waggle Dance birthday parties in Melbourne bring all the action to you.  We’re not just talking about a party but a tailored experience for your child and friends but a holistic celebration, where parents and family can get involved too.

Let Waggle Dance arrange your next kid’s party

From African drumming to drama parties, a medieval sword fighting to giant bubble fun times, Waggle Dance makes it possible to create life-long memories with your children.

Broken down into age category, some Waggle Dance birthday party ideas in Melbourne include:

Age 0 to 2

  • Themed Entertainment Spectacular – Young birthday parties in Melbourne can be celebrated with a skilled artist hosting to the theme of your choice. Choose superheroes, wizards and witches, Mary Poppins or something completely different.
  • Marvellous Music ExtravaganzaThis is like having a music concert in your home – it is beautiful, fun, interactive and kids love it!
  • Magic Moment Surprise – This surprise entertainment for a child are brought to you by an exceptional artist, dressed in your chosen theme and will bring a story, poem, dance or circus tricks that resonate with the party theme and tailored to the age and interests of your child.
  • Pay-it-Forward Party –  Children receive the gifts they really want from parents and close family members, so why not turn the gifts they receive from friends at their birthday party into something magical by ‘paying-it-forward’?

Age 3 to 5 

  • Mythical Unicorn Party – If you are looking for colourful fun, our unicorn party is it! Includes themed face-painting and fun party games!
  • Giant Bubble Party – Every young child loves bubbles, so why not bring big bubbles, up to 1 meter in diameter and more than 3 meters long to the party? Expect 45 minutes of bubble juggling, bubbles inside bubbles and lots more bubbly fun.
  • Ride-on animal fun – Kids love animals and ride-ons, so why not combine the two for a fun ride-on animal birthday party that is sure to be a hit! Suitable for hard surfaces indoors or outdoors!
  • Funky Monkeys Music Entertainment – Meet the acrobatic couple who will have your kids giggling and wiggling to funky tunes.
  • Storytelling Yoga Play – Looking for a fun, silly and joyous experience with a bit of relaxation thrown in?
  • Safari Party – Are your kids fascinated by African animals? Our Safari birthday party is for them filled with purring and roaring fun!
  • Magical Storytelling tent – Children love tents … the sense of occasion it brings, the cosy space it creates and the magical atmosphere of anticipation that awaits inside. You don’t have to go far looking for a magical space such as this, as we bring the kids party tent to you!
  • Festive Puppet Show Party – Let us take children on a wild adventure of storytelling, puppetry, music and dance.

Age 6 to 8 

  • Sports parties – Do we have a treat install for your young sports fan! It is the ultimate kids sports party. Choose from Big Bash Cricket, AFL Finals Fever, Soccer World Cup, 3B Olympics (body, brain, belief) and Splashtastic Water Games.
  • Hula Hooping Happiness – Bring lots of colour, laughter and active fun to your child’s special day with a hula hooping birthday party including hula hoop dance, fun and games! A hula hooping birthday party is perfect for the fun-loving child who loves to move, shake and dance with friends.
  • African Drumming PartyHow about a high energy interactive African Drumming session? Bring the party crowd together through music and rhythm.
  • Mermaid Party Magic – Little people are fascinated by what lies beneath the ocean and the fables of mermaids and sea creatures, so why not celebrate their sense of wonder with a magical mermaid party.
  • Tropical Island Party – Add the colour, flavours and fun of the tropics to your next kids party and pair it with our Tropical Island Party entertainment. A must for kids who are Moana fans!
  • Medieval Sword-Fighting PartyFret not parents, foam replica swords are used in this fun party that will teach your children chivalry before battle.
  • Drama Party Fun – Unleash your child’s inner actor, and become part of a play. Each child chooses their favourite scene, and performs that activity for the group.
  • Wacky Wizard Science party – Our wacky wizard brings magic and science together in an interactive show of thrilling experiments – the perfect science party for curious and creative kids. He will recreate phenomena such as lightning, transform liquids into solids, shift colours, illustrate pressure and much more.
  • Playful Circus Party – Children love going to the circus, why not bring the fun of circus to them with a playful circus party! They will learn circus tricks and play with a variety of different circus equipment.

Age 9 to 12

  • Arabian Nights Birthday PartyThis party involves the party crew travelling to an award-winning Lebanese restaurant for a private themed party to entertain young Aladdins and Princess Jasmines.
  • Brazilian Capoeria Birthday PartyBring the ancient art of Capoeria to your venue. Expect lots of fun for everyone while the kids learn balance, acrobatics, flexibility and game playing.
  • Disco Party – Does your child want a disco party and you’re thinking what about is the noise? Well, we have the perfect solution for you … a silent disco … yes parents and neighbors it can be done! Silent discos are the latest international trend and a crowd and parent pleaser.
  • Backyard Movie Night – Kids love movie nights – what they will love more is celebrating their birthday with friends having a movie party! All you have to do is book us, pop the popcorn in the machine we provide and press play!
  • Henna Art – If the words unique, personalised, creative and ceremony come to mind when you are looking for a special birthday celebration for your child, a henna art celebration has it all!
  • Zen to Zany Pamper Party – This combination pamper party and dance party is the perfect party for kids who would like to be pampered but also have some party fun. The party is perfectly suited to different ages and personalities. We mix the zen (foot bath, face mask, nail bedazzling) with the zany (pop star make-over, selfie camera corner with props, karaoke fun and dancing games).

Say goodbye to kids’ play-centre birthday parties in Melbourne and welcome memory-making celebrations at your chosen venue with Waggle Dance. Contact us today or phone 1300WAGGLE!

Contact Waggle Dance for age appropriate, themed birthday parties in Melbourne that your child will love! 


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