Circus party for kids. Little boy in clown wig jumping and having fun celebrating his birthday. Circus Party for kids. Male circus artist with clown boots and a purple hat on his way to a circus party for kids. Circus Party. Circus artist in colourful purple clothes and a sequence hat. Circus artist dressed in bright green and white holding 4 hula hoops to entertain children at a circus party. Male circus artist in a pixie outfit doing hula tricks at a circus party for kids. Female circus artists dressed in green and white and a young girl playing with spinning staffs at a circus party. Female Circus artist entertaining children with spinning plates at a circus party. Female Circus Artist dressed in purple and yellow demonstrating hula hoop tricks at a circus party. Circus Party. Circus artist doing hula hoop tricks in the park with kids. Male circus artists dressed in rainbow pants and a pixie hat does an amazing diablo act at a kids circus party. Circus artist. Juggling while children play with spinning plates at a circus party. Circus party. Poi Act. Female circus artist dressed in purple and red. Circus Party. Kids and parents play with spinning plates. Circus artist juggles.
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Playful Circus Party

Melbourne & Surrounds


Let’s party circus style!

Children love going to the circus, why not bring the fun of circus to them with a playful circus party! They will learn circus tricks and play with a variety of different circus equipment. Our circus artist dressed to the theme will do an introductory circus performance and then invite the little circus artists to clown around playing circus to their heart’s content!

We create a magical flagged play area where the kids can enjoy circus play, see demonstrations from our circus artist and be guided around the different activities. Activities include: juggling balls, diablo, hoops, spinning plates, POI, juggling clubs, spinning ribbons and much more.

AGE:   4 years+
PRICE: $370  (up to 30 children)
WHEN: Anytime, subject to availability.
DURATION: 1 hour (plus set-up time of 20 min prior to party and pack-up 20min)

What’s included in the circus party?

♥  Travel to your location within a 30km radius of the Melbourne CBD.
♥  A circus themed flagged off play space.
♥  An entertainer dressed to the circus party theme.
♥  Music system with circus sound track.
♥  One hour of circus play, performed and facilitated by a by a professional circus artist.
♥  All circus play equipment.

What can I expect?

We will arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of the party to set up the flagged area and equipment. As the kids arrive, they will be invited to the play area. The circus artist will gather all the children for a demonstration and will begin the circus play. Children will be able to try different apparatus, learn clowning, play games and create lots of laughter.

How to book:

To purchase the Circus Party,  please contact us to inquire about availability for the time and date you have in mind. Once we confirm availability, simply click on ADD TO  SHOPPING CART and proceed to checkout!

Have a look at our Pinterest board for circus party cakes, food and decoration ideas!

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