Dinosaur Party Dinosaur Party Dinosaur Party Dinosaur party Dinosaur party Dinosaur party Dinosaur Party Dinosaur party Dinosaur Party Dinosaur Party Dinosaur Party Dinosaur Party Dinosaur Party Dinosaur Party Dinosaur party Dinosaur Party Dinosaur Party Dinosaur Party
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Delightful Dinosaur Party

Melbourne & Surrounds


Roarrring fun with a Dinosaur party!

If you have a little Dinosaur fan in the house, our Dinosaur party will bring roarrring fun to their special day! What’s even better is that you can also mix and match the party to suit the age group and the length of time you would like the entertainment to go for. You can choose the 1-hour Dinosaur party games package and add face-painting, craft, a treasure hunt or cupcake decorating.

AGE:   2 – 7 years (maximum of 15 kids)
PRICE: $250 (1-hour entertainment) Optional extras – see details and prices below.
WHEN: Anytime, subject to availability.
DURATION: 1 hour with optional extras ranging from 30 min to 1 hour. 

What’s included in the Dinosaur party?

♥  Travel to your location within a 25 km radius of the Melbourne CBD. (Click here for additional travel rates)
♥   A Dino character in costume providing themed entertainment for up to 15 kids.
♥  All equipment and supplies.
♥  Kids Party Music.

What can I expect?

Our entertainer, dressed as a friendly Dinosaur will arrive, ready for some prehistoric fun and games! We tailor the entertainment to the age group of the children as well as the space available. We will choose from the following games:

♥  Dinosaur Stomp – Dance like your favourite Dino! Who can roar the loudest?
♥  Musical Fossils
♥  Dinosaur Egg & Spoon Race
♥  Pass the Dino Egg.
♥  What’s the Time, T-Rex?
♥  Musical Dino Footprints
♥  Raptor, Raptor, T-Rex  – who can T-Rex catch on his way around the circle?
♥  Brontosaurus Says – Put your hands on your head!
♥  Dino Parachute Game – How many times can you bounce the dino egg on the parachute? Can all the dinosaurs hide underneath?
♥  Hot Lava Tug-o-War – Two teams of dinosaurs battle to save themselves from falling into the hot lava!

If you would like to extend the party, you can add one or more of the following Dinosaur party themed activities:

Dinosaur-Themed Face-painting  – 1 hour ( it takes about 4 minutes per child for a basic forehead/cheek/arm design) – $110.00

Dinosaur Treasure Hunt – Dinosaur “eggs” are hidden throughout the entertainment area and when the kids find them, they break them open to discover a surprise inside. This is followed by Dino hide and seek!  (30 minutes) – $80

Dino Craft – Decorate your own paper dinosaurs and create a jumbo prehistoric paper mural! (30 minutes) – $80

Dino Cupcake Decorating – Children decorate and eat their own mini dinosaur creations! (30 minutes) – $80

If you would like to order the birthday boy or girl a Dinosaur tail and mask, handmade locally, as a birthday gift or to wear at the party, please select that option too! The tail and mask will be shipped to you within 7 days of ordering and we will confirm your choice of colours. Price is $45 + $10 shipping and handling. Images of the tails and masks are in the photo gallery, just scroll through.

Dinosaur Party

How to book:

To purchase this party,  please contact us to inquire about availability and once availability is confirmed, simply select your preferred party option and click on ADD TO  CART and proceed to checkout. If you need to add additional travel, add the party to your cart and then please click here to choose the applicable additional travel, click on ADD TO CART and proceed to checkout.

Have a look at our Dinosaur Party Ideas board on Pinterest for cake, decorations. party food and much more!

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