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Disco Party Fever!

Melbourne & Surrounds


It’s a Disco Party even the neighbours will love! 

Does your child want a disco party and you’re thinking what about the noise and potential chaos?

Well, we have the perfect solution for you … a silent disco … yes, parents and neighbours, it can be done! Silent discos are the latest international trend and a crowd and parent pleaser.

This is how it works. Each child gets their own special wireless headphone that lights up in different colours and is connected to the DJ/Party Facilitator’s music system, so they can hear the music and the DJ conducting games and fun interactive activities whilst everyone without a headset can have a conversation. Each child can also control their own volume at safe levels. This means there are no speaker systems or lots of equipment, so you can have a dance party anywhere be it your lounge room, garage, garden or hired hall. A daytime party in the park or on the beach is possible too – without the lights of course.

This disco party is 2 hours of pure fun. The DJ/party facilitator takes the children through a series of dances, games and activities, all under disco lights, lasers and special effects.

AGE:   5 years and up
PRICE: $495 (20 kids) $15 (per additional child)
WHEN: Anytime, subject to availability.
DURATION: 1.5 hours (kids 5-6 yrs) 2 hours (kids 7+)

What’s included in the disco party?

♥  Travel to your location within a 40 km radius of the Melbourne CBD. For travel further afield, please click here for our travel rates.
♥  Full set-up service
♥  1.5 – 2hr Party (depending on age)
♥  Headphone for each child (we always bring a few extra if some of the adults want to participate)
♥  Headphone stand
♥  Transmitters (1-3 Music Channels depending on the age and number of children)
♥  1 x Professional DJ/Party Facilitator
♥  Lights, lasers, and smoke machine provided
♥  Australia’s only LED light-up limbo bar
♥  Gift bag for the birthday child

You can choose from the following themes for the disco party:

♥  Silent Disco Kids Fun Party
♥  Silent Hip Hop Crazy Dance Party
♥  M.A.D. (Music, Art and Dance) Party that combines creative art, dancing and games while listening to different music
♥  Silent 3B Sports (Perfect for the sports enthusiast who is competitive) includes boxing with boxing pands to Rocky music.
♥  World Music (kids experience music, dance, and games from around the world)

We can also provide you with a Body Artist for your disco party as an additional service. This includes UV Painting, Lip Art, and Glitter Tattooing.

What can I expect?

We will arrive 30 minutes prior to the party starting to set-up. Once all the kids have arrived, they will be welcomed into the party area and each given a headset and then it is party time. Kids will enjoy dancing, games, and activities all led by the professional party facilitator for 2 hours. It takes about 30 minutes to pack up after the party.

How to book:

To purchase this party,  please contact us to inquire about availability and once availability is confirmed, simply select your preferred party option and click on ADD TO  CART and proceed to checkout. If you need to add additional travel, add the party to your cart and then please click here to choose the applicable additional travel, click on ADD TO CART and proceed to checkout.

Have a look at our Disco Party ideas for kids Pinterest Board for cakes, decorations. party food and much more!

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