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Social Skills Etiquette Class with a twist!



It’s an etiquette class presented as an Awards Ceremony!

We added some fun into a kids etiquette class by presenting it as an awards ceremony. It creates context, makes it fun for the kids and they can apply the variety of social skills they learn straight away.

The Awards Ceremony is a fun, interactive, informative mini party which covers those all-important social skills and modern table manners to increase general social awareness, poise, and confidence in boys and girls aged 9-12 years.

AGE: 9 to 12 years (recommended) 
PRICE: $160 per child (including tuition, materials, a drink and two-course meal)
WHEN: April 2018 School Holidays (For September school holiday class – click here)
DURATION: 2.5 hours

NUMBERS: A minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 12 participants.

What’s included?

♥ A 2.5-hour etiquette class, including materials, a drink, and two-course lunch.
♥ Important lessons in social graces, eating together, poise and communication.

What can I expect?

We consult with you beforehand about what your child’s favourite movie is and what you think he/she may like to be nominated for. We then send each child a personalised invitation to the Award Ceremony. On the day they receive a V.I.P Pass and then the fun and learnings start.

The kids’ etiquette class covers the following:

Awards Ceremony Party Tricks:
How to give a good handshake.
Meeting new people and being confident with introductions.
Who shall I approach?
What shall we talk about? Small talk topics.
Managing nerves.
Mixing and mingling.
Turn up!

The Red Carpet Experience:
How to own the red carpet – walking with poise
Standing and looking good for photos
The children will be filmed during their walk and ‘photo shoot’, after which it will be played back to them so that they can see what a difference a good walk makes.

Table Manners for Young Celebrities:
Navigating a place setting: Which bread plate is mine? Which glass do I use?
Napkins – when and how to use them.
Knowing when to start.
How not to ‘HKLP’!
Holding cutlery correctly.
Polite table talk.
Passing and offering food.
How to deal discretely with food you don’t like – and offend no one!
Excusing ourselves from the table.
What to do when we have finished eating.
Leaving the table.
Goodbye and thank you.

The Award Ceremony:
While the children are still seated at the table, the nominations for each award are read out after which the gold envelope is opened and the winners are announced. Each child will be invited up to
be awarded their very own Oscar!

How to book:

To book a place,  please click on the  ADD TO  CART button and proceed to checkout!


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