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Henna Art Birthday Party

Melbourne & Surrounds


Add an artistic and ceremonious twist to your child’s celebration with henna art!     

If the words unique, personalised, creative and ceremony come to mind when you are looking for a special birthday celebration for your child, a henna art celebration has it all!

The birthday child and guests will feel very special being adorned with a amazing henna artwork painted by an internationally renowned henna artist.

AGE: 8 years+
PRICE: $285 for up to 25 kids
WHEN: Anytime, subject to availability!
DURATION: 1 hour

What’s included?

♥ Travel to your venue within a 20km radius of the Melbourne CBD.
♥ Henna body art for up to 25 kids, with a more elaborate artwork for the birthday girl.
♥ Henna balm as a gift to the birthday girl.

What can I expect?

The birthday child’s artwork will be more elaborate, created especially for them, to mirror their personality, age and the occasion. Each of the guests will receive a smaller individual henna artwork. Children can choose if they would like their hand, foot or upper arm painted.

The birthday child will also receive a beautifully decorated jar of henna balm as a gift. Henna balm is an amazing product to help protect the henna stains and make them last longer, especially when hands come into contact with water. The balm is made with Victorian beeswax, pure almond and coconut oils, lavender and Geranium Rose for a lasting aroma.

This party is designed for up to 25 children. If you would like to add more children, please contact us, as we will need more time to paint more children.

Henna Art has been around for more than 5000 years with cultures from India to Africa to the Middle East embracing henna body decorations for fashion and beauty, for personal expression, for social and religious occasions, for healing purposes and more. Global travel and migration in recent years and cultural sharing has brought henna to many parts of the West, mingling traditional practices with new interpretations and uses. In recent times, henna art has been made popular by artists, actors, fashion models and musicians.

Henna is an all-natural, safe, temporary, painless and unique way to decorate your body, celebrate your personality or symbolise a spiritual connection or give significance to a celebration. Henna is derived from a plant called Lawsonia Inermis which thrives in hot climates and found in countries such as Pakistan, Morocco, Egypt, Tanzania, Kenia and India. The leaves are dried and crushed to make a powder with natural dying properties.

The ingredients of the henna paste that will be used are henna powder, sugar, water and Lavender essential oil. Once the henna artwork has been painted, it needs about 10 minutes to dry in the sun. Without sun, it can take up to 30 minutes to dry, shorter with the help of a heater. The henna artwork will last for 4-7 days depending on how the skin is washed and handled.

How to book:

To purchase this party, click on the ASK US button below to inquire about availability for the date and time you have in mind. Once we have confirmed availability, simply click on ADD TO SHOPPING CART and proceed to checkout!

Head over to our Henna Art Pinterest Board for some great ideas and inspiration!

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