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Magical Storytelling Tent

Melbourne & Surrounds


A truly magical party experience in a kids party tent! 

Children love tents … the sense of occasion it brings, the cozy space it creates and the magical atmosphere of anticipation that awaits inside. You don’t have to go far looking for a magical space such as this, as we bring the kids party tent to you!

Your child will feel so special having their own storytelling tent at their birthday party. Our storytelling master will weave his magic with tailored shows of myths mixed with original storytelling told in the most theatrical way, a puppet or magic show, perhaps some creative art and even a bit of singing and dancing too.

AGE: 4 years+
PRICE: $680 (themed tent set-up, entertainment, and pack-up).
WHEN: Anytime, subject to availability!
DURATION: 1-hour entertainment (1.5 hours set-up and pack-up).

What’s included?

♥ Travel to your location within a 20 km radius of the Melbourne CBD. (Click here for additional travel rates)
♥ One hour of tailored interactive storytelling and games by a professional artist in costume.
♥ Setting up and taking down of the tent (we need a space of 7 x 7 meters for the tent).
♥ Sound and music.

What can I expect?

We tailor the one-hour entertainment to the theme of the party, the birthday boy or girl’s interests and the age group of the children.

We will arrive an hour before the party starts to set-up the tent and get everything ready before your guests arrive. Once your guests arrive, we will invite the children into the tent where they will be seated on royal cushions and then be swept away to imaginary worlds filled with fun, laughter, and games!

We begin with 30 mins of magical storytelling and an eye-popping magic show. We then play 30 mins of games appropriate for the age group and number of children such as dance detective, giant’s treasure, etc. We then invite the children outside to enjoy a circus experience and play and have fun with a variety of circus equipment.

How to book:

To purchase this party, click on the ‘ASK US‘  button below to determine availability for the date and time you have in mind. Once availability is confirmed, simply select your preferred party option and click on ADD TO  CART and proceed to checkout. If you need to add additional travel, add the party to your cart and then please click here to choose the applicable additional travel, click on ADD TO CART and proceed to checkout.

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