Mermaid Party Mermaid Party. Mermaid in shiny purple costume talking to kids on the beach. Mermaid Party. Group photo of kids with Mermaid Tarielle in a swimming pool. mermaid party. Kids playing pool games throwing a ball through a hula hoop. Mermaid Party. Mermaid playing pool games with kids. Mermaid Party. Mermaid and 4 kids in the pool. Mermaid Party. Children and mermaid in the pool selecting little treasures. Mermaid Party. Mermaid looking with surprise at the birthday cake. Mermaid Party. Mermaid and kids sitting next to the pool with birthday cake and balloons. Mermaid Party. Beautiful mermaid on the beach showing hr purple tail fin. Mermaid Party. Mermaid and group of kids on the beach waving their hands in the air for a group photo. Mermaid Party Mermaid Tarielle at the beach. Mermaid Party. Little girl touching Mermaid Tarille's tail fin. Mermaid Party. Mermaid Tarielle on the beach with a group of children. Mermaid Party. Mermaid Tarielle lying on her side on the beach. Mermaid Party. Mermaid sitting on a beach talking to a child. Mermaid Party
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Mermaid Party Magic

Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula


Make a splash with a mermaid party!

Little people are fascinated by what lies beneath the ocean and the fables of mermaids and sea creatures, so why not celebrate their sense of wonder with a magical mermaid party. Mermaid Tarielle has recently swum to the shores of Melbourne and will bring storytelling, games, little treasures, mermaid swims, a siren song, photo fun and more to your little dreamer’s party!  You can choose between three options: a pool party (at home or at a swim center arranged by you), an on-land party or a beach appearance.

Beach appearances and outdoor home pool parties are available between the months of December to April. Indoor, heated pool parties are available throughout the year as well as the on-land party. In the event of inclement weather, outdoor pool parties and beach appearances will convert to the on-land party.  We recommend outdoor pool parties and beach appearances for days with temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius.

AGE:   5 years+ (must be water safe) 3 years + (on-land or beach options)
PRICE: $190-$275  (up to 10 children for pool and on-land options, beach sighting unlimited)
WHEN: Anytime, subject to availability.
DURATION: 30 -60 min ( plus set-up time of 20 min prior to party and pack-up 20min)

What’s included in the mermaid party?

♥  Personalised Themed Invitation (sent to you in PDF to print at home or send via e-mail).
♥  Travel to your location within a 25km radius of Boronia, VIC. Parties further afield will incur an additional travel fee, please click here to see our travel rates.
♥  Mer-iffic mermaid themed entertainment and photo opportunities.
♥  Mermaid Tarielle in her exquisite custom-made costume.
♥  Music system with a mermaid party soundtrack.
♥  An introductory mermaid performance.
♥  Tailored themed games, stories & songs.
♥  A magical Mermaid Tarielle storybook for the birthday child to keep.
♥  A magical mermaid birthday coronation ceremony which includes a mermaid crown for the birthday child to keep.

What can I expect?

Pool mermaid  party (60 minutes):

Mermaid Tarielle will arrive before your guests and slip into the pool unnoticed. The host parent’s help will be needed to make sure her entrance and exit of the pool remains a secret. If you are hosting the party at a swim centre, she will be in the pool by the time you arrive. As the guests arrive, she will do fun swims surprising the children. This will be followed by an entertaining performance, a story and singing a magical siren song together. The mermaid party action then begins.

We provide a mermaid specific soundtrack of upbeat children’s music, in CD or USB format for you to play on the day. The kids will play age appropriate pool games, she will answer mermaid questions and take the children for exciting mermaid swims!  We customise the content of the party games and activities to the age group of the children, so ask us for ideas for younger and for older kids.

We finish the pool entertainment with a coronation ceremony for the birthday child followed by photo opportunities with Mermaid Tarielle and singing happy birthday together. The birthday child also receives a photo storybook of Mermaid Tarielle as a keepsake.

Possible pool party activities are (depending on the age of the kids, the gender mix and the nature and size of the pool):

♥  Mermaid dances
♥  Magic pearl pass the parcel
♥  Mermaid back rides
♥  Pool noodle relay races
♥  Pool noodle and inflatable battles
♥  Treasure hunt
♥  What’s the time Mermaid Tarielle?
♥  Octopus Tiggy
♥  Pearl Bounce

On-land mermaid party (60 minutes):

Love the thought of a mermaid at your party, but don’t have a pool or it’s a bit cold outside? No problem! Mermaid Tarielle can entertain on land as well as in the water!

Activities include:
♥  Meet & greet as the children arrive.
♥  Story time.
♥  Mermaid Q & A
♥  Singing a magical siren song together.
♥  Glitter Tattoos (3mins per child).
♥  Mermaid colouring sheets  (while each child gets their glitter tattoo).
♥  Mermaid naming game.
♥  Mermaid says game.
♥  Coronation ceremony of the birthday child.
♥  Photo storybook of Mermaid Tarielle as a gift for the birthday child.
♥  Photos with Mermaid Tarielle.

Mermaid beach appearance (30 minutes):

If you live near the beach, Mermaid Tarielle can swim to shore and make a special appearance at your beach party! She will:

♥ Meet and greet the children.
♥ Answer mermaid questions.
♥ Tell them a story.
♥ Sing a magical siren song together.
♥ Mermaid photo’s with the party guests.

Travel beyond a 25km radius of Boronia will incur an additional travel fee.  Please click here to see our travel rates.

If you would like to order the birthday child a mermaid tail and headband, handmade locally, as a birthday gift or to wear at the party, please select that option too! The tail and headband will be shipped to you within 7 days of ordering and we will confirm your choice of colours. Price is $40 + $10 shipping and handling. Images are in the photo gallery, just scroll through to view.

Have a look at our Mermaid Party Ideas board on Pinterest for inspiration and fantastic ideas!

How to book:

To purchase this party,  please contact us to inquire about availability and once availability is confirmed, simply select your preferred mermaid party option and click on ADD TO  CART and proceed to checkout. If you need to add additional travel, add the party to your cart and then please click here to choose the applicable additional travel, click on ADD TO CART and proceed to checkout.

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