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Nature Fun with a Zoologist

Melbourne & Surrounds


Kids can put on their explorer’s hat and go adventuring in nature with a zoologist!

We’ve gift-wrapped a wonderful nature fun experience where children can enjoy nature’s magic through playing, exploring, socialising and learning. All of this under the expert guidance of a zoologist sharing her passion, knowledge and expertise about wildlife and Melbourne’s natural environment.  She encourages children to learn and use new tools and ways to explore their world. They use their senses to explore and learn to appreciate and care for nature and its creatures.

As a child, one has that magical capacity … to see the land as an animal does; to experience the sky from the perspective of a flower or a bee; to feel the earth quiver and breathe beneath us; to know a hundred different smells of mud and listen unselfconsciously to the soughing of the trees.” (Valerie Andrews, A Passion for this Earth)

AGE: 2 – 5 years
PRICE: $30
WHEN: Fortnightly during school terms | 10.00-11.30am
DURATION: 1.5 hours

What’s included in the Nature Fun with a Zoologist experience?

♥ A single session of 90 minutes joining a Junior Nature Club at a designated park in Melbourne.
♥ Expert guidance of a passionate zoologist.
♥ Using of learning aids and tools, such as binoculars, worksheets, and pencils.
♥ Lots of fun socialising with other parents and children!

What can I expect?

Nothing beats nature-based learning for a child’s cognitive, social and emotional development. It teaches them focus, creativity and confidence and also develops their fine motor skills but most of all it is heaps of active outdoor fun!

With this nature fun gift experience,  a preschooler can  join a Junior Nature Club for a single session of 90 minutes.  The club chooses a different park to visit each term and also have a different theme each term such as “Aquatic Adventures” or “Birds, Bats and other Beasties”. They get together on different days of the week at different parks during school terms from 10:00 – 11:30am.

During the Term 4 2017, the nature fun experience will be centred around wildlife, plants, nature art and discovering local bushland and is available on Mondays and Wednesdays as follows:

Wattle Park, Riversdale Road, Burwood on the following Mondays: 30 October, 13 November, 27 November and 11 December.

Cheltenham Park, Park Road, Cheltenham on the following Wednesdays: 11 October, 25 October, 8 November, 22 November and 6 December.

As of Term 1 2018, sessions will be from 10:00 – 11:30 and held at Ricketts Point Marine Sacntuary, Beaumaris on the following Wednesdays: 31 January, 14 February, 28 February, 14 March, 28 March.

During the session, our zoologist allows the environment to lead the learning.  If a bird or frog calls, an activity will be paused to observe and listen. She also:

• values the sensory experience for children;
• understands that children learn best through hands-on activities;
• encourages play with natural materials such as sticks, stones, grass, sand often making nature craft or ephemeral art;
• encourages play in mud, water and sand;
• values and pursues the children’s interest, questions and curiosity; and
• allows time for children to just enjoy nature.

Give a little one a far more fun, valuable, lasting and enjoyable gift than another toy!

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