Pay it forward Party Pay it forward Party Pay it forward party Pay it forward Party Pay it forward party Pay it forward party Pay it forward party Pay it forward party Pay it forward Party Pay it forward party Pay it Forward party Pay it forward party Pay it forward party Pay it forward party Waggle Dance Pay it forward party Pay it forward Party
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Pay It Forward Party

Melbourne & Surrounds


Pay it forward by turning birthday party gifts into something magical!   

‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.’  – Winston Churchill.

If your child has a big heart and loves giving and sharing, our Pay It Forward Party is the perfect way to celebrate their special day and to honour and share their passion with friends and family. To pay-it-forward is to respond to a person’s kindness to us by being kind to someone else.

AGE: Any age
PRICE: $250
WHEN: Anytime, subject to availability!
DURATION: 1 hour

What’s included in the Pay it forward Party?

♥ An entertainer dressed to the theme of the birthday party, bringing a special message endorsing the chosen cause.
♥ 1 hour of entertainment including party games.
♥ Travel to your location within 30km radius of the Melbourne CBD.
♥ $50 Waggle Dance Gift Voucher the birthday child can use to buy themselves an awesome experience.

What can I expect?

First, the birthday child is asked to choose a cause or charity they feel passionate about.

Instead of buying gifts, the kids invited to the party are asked to bring the money they would have spent on a gift. The birthday child chooses if they would like to donate all the money received to their cause or donate most of it and use a percentage to spend on something they really want.

It is a party after all, so to make the celebration extra special an entertainer will be sent to your party venue to surprise and entertain the children with all sorts of antics and a personalised message customised to the theme of the party. They will also play party games and have lots of fun which leaves you free to have time with your guests and relax a bit.

If you are pressed for time and would like other special touches, our concierge service can help by putting an invitation pack together, arrange a personalised keepsake for the birthday child as well as thoughtful party packs for guests. We can also arrange a themed cake. Just contact our concierge here with your requirements and we will advise accordingly.

Remember the book by Catherine Ryan Hyde and the resulting movie starring Haley Joel Osment? There is a children’s edition of the Pay it Forward book suitable for ages 8 an up if you would like to have a look.

Here’s the thing – kids are invited to so many parties, which is lovely, of course, but it does create a few challenges for the gift buyer and the gift recipient. These include making the time to search for a thoughtful gift or making sure the gift cupboard is stocked with some go-to options. One often struggles to come up with new ideas when you gift within the same circle of friends – and asking mums what their children would like doesn’t always help.

Children, on the other hand, receive so many gifts – there are often duplicate gifts or things they are unlikely to play with no matter how hard the buyer tried to get it right which feels like a waste of time, effort and money. Children receive the gifts they really want from parents and close family members, so why not turn the gifts they receive from class mates and friends at their birthday party into something magical? Our children are growing up far more conscious of environmental and human needs and have a desire to help and make a difference – so let’s celebrate that with a Pay It Forward Party!

Now you can say goodbye to over-stuffed toy cupboards, to the feeling of ‘this is all too much’. Party guests no longer have to wander through toy aisles wondering what to buy. Instead, it is hello to more time, convenience and the knowledge that the birthday child will definitely love his/her gifts. Not only will they be able to buy themselves something they really want, they will also pay it forward by using their gifts towards a cause they really care about. Apps such as Australian-based GiveEasy makes choosing and giving very easy.

Our Pay It Forward party was inspired by a very caring eight-year-old boy who chose to support the beloved Orangutans he was lucky enough to interact with during a family holiday in Borneo. Knowing how critically endangered Orangutans are due to the deforestation of their habitat, poaching and the illegal trade of Orangutans as pets, he wanted to help make a difference. He chose a Pay It Forward  party and donated his gifts to The Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) Australia by supporting Ryan, one of the many Orangutans cared for by the OFI. The photographs show him sitting next to an Orangutan in Borneo and the other photos are of his Pay It Forward party. The memento for his party was a photo puzzle of him sitting next to an Orangutan. His party guests built it for him during the party and gave it to him as a surprise.

So, take the stress and effort out of organising a party and party gift buying and make it magical by re-directing  the funds that would have been spent on gifts anyway to a cause your child loves and they get to buy something for themselves they really want.

The birthday child will also become a Waggle Dance Groovy Giver, to recognize their efforts through a story about them and their party on the Waggle Dance website. They will also receive a Groovy Giver certificate.

How to book:

To purchase this party, click on the ASK US button below to inquire about availability for the date and time you have in mind. Once we have confirmed availability, simply click on ADD TO SHOPPING CART and proceed to checkout!

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