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Wacky Wizard Party – where science and magic meet!

Melbourne & Surrounds


Let our wacky wizard take kids on an adventure through time and space with a magical science party!  

Our wacky wizard brings magic and science together in an interactive show of thrilling experiments – the perfect science party for curious and creative kids. He will recreate phenomena such as lightning, transform liquids into solids, shift colours, illustrate pressure and much more.

He might be wacky but safety is foremost, so all activities are child and home friendly!

AGE:   5+ years
PRICE: $340  (up to 20 children)
WHEN: Anytime, subject to availability.
DURATION: 1 hour (plus set-up time of 15 min prior to the party and pack-up 15min)

Estragon, our wacky wizard scientist, will arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the party to set up. A thrilling  40-minute interactive show follows. He will amaze the children by creating the seemingly impossible and then explain the science behind the magic.  After the show, he will run a 20-minute workshop with the kids where they can create. We tailor the contents of the workshop to the age group, the venue and the number of children at the party. Children of all ages will gain a new found love for the mysteries of scientific phenomena.

What’s included in the science party?

♥  Travel to your location within a 30km radius of the Melbourne CBD. For travel further afield, please click here for our travel rates.
♥  Our wacky wizard dressed to the theme.
♥  All supplies and equipment.
♥  One hour of tailored interactive, magical science fun.

What can I expect?

Set-up will start 15 minutes prior to the party without the children present.  Whether indoor or outdoors,  a 1.2m x 3m tarp will be put down on which all experiments will take place.  The 40-minute show includes the use of milk, food dies, liquids, solids, chemical reactions with food products found in most kitchens, static balloons, small wattage of electricity and small (safe) explosions. The show is interactive, so some of the kids will be asked to assist Estragon. Little lab assistants may thus get food dye on their hands for example. We can control the ‘messy’ level of the activities, so just let us know what you are comfortable with and we will set the activities up accordingly.

The 20-minute workshop that follows the show uses balloons and paper, so very little mess is created and children can take home their experiment. We can also offer a liquids workshop if you don’t want popping balloons or just a paper workshop if you prefer a quiet and clean option.

How to book:

To purchase this party,  please contact us to inquire about availability and once availability is confirmed, simply select your preferred party option and click on ADD TO  CART and proceed to checkout. If you need to add additional travel, add the party to your cart and then please click here to choose the applicable additional travel, click on ADD TO CART and proceed to checkout.

Have a look at our Pinterest board for science party cakes, food and decoration ideas!

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