Looking for 2-year-old Birthday Party Ideas?

2-year-old birthday party. Bithday cake with number 2 candle on.

Tips on planning a 2-year-old birthday party!

Your baby is finally turning two! It’s been a year of milestones – first steps, first sentences, and lots more teeth! Their personality is shining through more and more each day. A 2-year-old birthday party is quite different from the first and more hands-on for mums and dads. A few other t-words are attached to two like terrible and tantrum but two-year-olds are rarely terrible and very cute albeit a bit more demanding! Second birthday parties are often smaller after the big first one and held at home or in a nearby park.


Organising entertainment for a 2-year-old party is a wonderful opportunity to appeal to your two-year-old child’s developing sense of self. Most of the little guests will also be toddlers, so simple, structured games, story-telling, music, dancing and easy finger food is best. They are still learning to socialise and will play alongside each other more than with each other. They love your presence and having fun with you, so entertainment that actively involves parents bring lots of joy to two-year-olds.


Whether you’re planning a celebration at home or outside, we have some lovely kids’ entertainment options that will delight both children and parents. Our Marvellous Music Extravaganza is the perfect entertainment for a  two-year-old birthday party. Our kids’ entertainers are skilled professionals whose passion it is to amuse, amaze and bring joy to your celebration.


Options for your child’s second birthday party

Click here to browse through a variety of birthday party entertainment options. Some are tailored specifically for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, while others cater for a variety of ages and even adults. We know we’ll have something that will delight your guests! Feel free to contact us if you need any help or have questions.


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