Quick tips for taking photo’s at kids parties

photo's kids parties

Practical tips to help you capture the story of your child’s special day!

Written by Vanessa Dean,  founder of albumz 


Parties have changed a lot since I was a child. Life in the 70’s was simpler, and so were the parties. But we loved them all the same. One day a year being all about you. What’s not to love about that!


The highlight in our home was of course the cake. My brother and I would spend the month leading up to our birthday pouring over every page of the Woman’s Weekly Birthday Cakes book. There was a magical quality to the appearance of our chosen cakes on our birthday morning.


Sadly, there is not one photo from our childhood birthday parties of these incredible creations. There are photos of us, but not our cakes. All the effort mum went to in creating our dream birthday cakes and we can’t find any photos. Shame. They really were masterpieces.


Today’s birthday experiences are nothing short of enchanting. They alight the imaginations of children and parents alike. Is there anything more precious than seeing the look of wonder in our children’s eyes as they see bubbles floating around the size of them? Or have their home transformed into medieval times filled with knights, dragons & princesses? Keep the magic alive!


Follow these tips to capture the story of your child’s special day for years to come.

  • Charge your phone and camera the night before. Have both ready to go so you’re not left exposed if one decides not to cooperate.
  • Keep your camera on you so you can take photos as moments unfold. Kids move quick which means moments are fleeting. There’s no time to run and grab the camera where you last left it!
  • Being the host can keep you busy so if you think you won’t have time to take happy snaps yourself ask a friend or family member to wear the hat of party photographer for the day.
  • Regularly take photos throughout the party so you capture the different stages. Think of it as writing each chapter of a story – waiting for the party to start, the guests arriving and handing over their presents, the giggles and cuddles, the entertainment, party games, the birthday cake and blowing out of the candles, the unwrapping of presents, the quiet moments playing after everyone has left, and fast asleep in bed at the end of their big day.
  • Capture moments as they’re happening rather than asking people to pose.
  • Take photos of the little things as well as the party person and guests like the cupcakes lovingly prepared, the party buffet, the decorations, the pile of presents or the wall of greeting cards.

Once you have captured the day don’t let the images sit on your hard drive or a USB stick! Turn your photos into a photo book that tells the story of the day. It could be one last surprise gift. A gift that will last a lifetime…


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