Top 10 Summer Birthday Parties for Kids

summer birthday parties

It’s Summer party time!

Oh the joys of hosting a summer birthday party for kids: lovely warm weather, barbecues with family and friends, outdoor games, bright colours, easy clothes, ice cream, and summer fruit.

Give the crowded kids party venues a miss and choose your backyard, a park or the beach for a glorious warm-weather party venue. For top mobile kids entertainment to your door – look no further than our summer birthday party ideas that your child will love!


This top 10 list includes our most popular party packages, with plenty of  options for boys and girls of all ages.

hula hooping summer birthday partiesGiant Bubble Party summer birthday partiesCircus party for kids. Little boy in clown wig jumping and having fun celebrating his birthday.tropical island party. Moana party.Movie party for kids. Family lying comfortably on the lawn watching a movie outdoors on an inflatable cinema.Mermaid Party. Mermaid Tarielle inside a pool, showing her beautiful purple tail fin.


1. Hula Hooping Birthday Party

Bring lots of colour, laughter and active fun to your child’s party with Hula Hoop Dance, fun and games! A hula hooping birthday party is perfect for the fun-loving child who loves to move, shake and dance with friends.

Ages: 6 years+ | Duration: 1 hour | Tell me more!


2. Mermaid Party Magic

Little people are fascinated by what lies beneath the ocean and the fables of mermaids and sea creatures, so why not celebrate their sense of wonder with a magical mermaid party. You can choose between three options: a pool party (at home or at a swim centre arranged by you), an on-land party or a beach appearance.

Ages: 3 years+ (5 years+ for pool party) | Duration: 30 min | 45 min | 1 hour | Tell me more!


3. Sports parties including Splashtastic water games

Choose from soccer, footy, cricket, olympics or splashtastic water games! All the parties include action packed activities kids love. We ensure that all the games are skill and age appropriate.

Ages: 5 years+ | Duration: 2 hours | Tell me more!


4. Giant Bubble Birthday Party

Children love bubbles. Now give them giant bubbles they can play with and you have a celebration filled with fun, laughter and activity. Our giant bubble party will teach children how to make giant bubbles up to 1 meter in diameter and more than 3 meters long!

Ages: 3 years+ | Duration: 45 mins | Tell me more!


5.  Outdoor Movie Party

Kids love movie nights – what they will love more is celebrating their birthday with friends having a movie party! All you have to do is book us, pop the popcorn in the machine we provide and press play!

Ages: 6 years+ | Duration: all day or overnight | Tell me more!


6. African Drumming

Choose a park, the beach or your back yard, make a drum circle and be swept away to another world by the rhythms of Africa! The party atmosphere will be bursting with creative energy and rhythmic sound led by a master drummer.

Ages: 5 years+ | Duration: 1 hour | Tell me more!


7. Safari Birthday Party

Are your kids fascinated by African animals? If so, they will just love experiencing a bit of Africa by celebrating their birthday safari style with lots of animal fun and games! Watch the children’s eyes light up as they meet our party host dressed as Faith the Cheetah!

Ages: 3 years+ | Duration: 1 hour | Tell me more!


8. Tropical Island Party Delight

Aloha! Bring on the lei’s and coconuts! Add the colour, flavours and fun of the tropics to your next kids party and pair it with our Tropical Island Party entertainment. A must for kids who are Moana fans!

Ages:  4 years+ | Duration: 75min/90min/2 hours | Tell me more!


9. Playful Circus Party

Children love going to the circus, why not bring the fun of circus to them with a playful circus party! They will learn circus tricks and play with a variety of different circus equipment. Our circus artist dressed to the theme will do an introductory circus performance and then invite the little circus artists to clown around playing circus to their heart’s content!

Ages: 4 years+ | Duration: 1 hour | Tell me more!


10. Brazilian Capoeira party

Capoeira is a ritual. It is a game. It is a dance. It is a martial art. It is music. It is culture. It is inspiring. It is an awesome experience, so transport you kids to the streets of Brazil and gathering them in a park, on the beach or in you back yard and we’ll send an amazing capoeirista to you to lead the fun. It’s fantastic exercise too!

Ages: 5 years+ | Duration: 1 hour | Tell me more!


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