Top 5 Memorable Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

Kids' Birthday Party Ideas

Are you looking for an extra special way to celebrate your child’s next birthday?

Had enough of indoor play centres and uninspiring birthday party venues? Maybe you just want something more exciting than pass the parcel and musical chairs at your home this year. Or maybe you’d like to make the most of a party in the park!
Whatever the case may be, we know that when it comes to planning your child’s birthday party, there’s really only one thing that matters – making your child’s heart sing with joy.
If you’d like to delight your child and their guests with something truly special this year, look no further! Our top 5 memorable kids’ birthday party ideas list is packed full of exciting adventures sure to delight your child with memories that will last a lifetime.

1. Medieval Sword Fighting Party

Kids' Birthday Party Ideas - Medieval Sword Fighting Birthday PartyDo you have a young knight who loves to sword fight? Bring their dreams to life with a Medieval Sword Fighting Party at home or a location of your choice!
Ideal for children 5 years+, this exciting party is led by a qualified fencing instructor who specialises in medieval and renaissance combat.
First, guests are given replica swords made of foam and taught basic fighting techniques and customs. Next, everyone gets the opportunity to put their newly learnt skills into action with team battle games!
Knights, swords, and combat – this epic party experience takes guests back in time for some Middle Ages madness. Dress-ups encouraged!

2. Giant Bubble Party

Kids' Birthday Party Ideas - Giant Bubble Birthday PartyDoes your child love to blow bubbles? (Who doesn’t!) Kids will be wide-eyed with wonder as they learn to create bubbles bigger than themselves in this Giant Bubble Party.
Let our Bubbleologist teach your guests how to make bubbles up to 1 metre x 3 metres long. Guests will also learn how to hold a bubble without popping it, juggle bubbles and make bubbles inside of bubbles!
This birthday party gets kids moving and inspires their creativity as they explore the magic of bubbles. They not only love to make the bubbles, they love chasing them too! Perfect for ages 3 years+.

3. African Drumming Celebration

Kids' Birthday Party Ideas - African Drumming PartyDoes your child love to make music? Many children are attracted to drums due to their powerful sounds and the physical movement involved in playing them!
This African Drumming Celebration is a unique experience that the whole family will enjoy, and it’s sure to get everyone moving, dancing and singing to African beats!
Led by one of Australia’s leading percussionists, all guests will become immersed in the power and rhythm of traditional African drumming and the atmosphere of your celebration will be bursting with creative energy.


4. Henna Art Birthday Party

Kids' Birthday Party Ideas - Henna Art Birthday PartyBring a sense of occasion to your child’s party in a unique way. Our Henna Art Birthday Party gives children an opportunity to celebrate their personalities in an artistic and ceremonial gathering.
Henna art is over 5000 years old and is an all-natural, safe, temporary and painless way to decorate your body.
Led by an internationally renowned henna artist, your birthday girl and her friends will feel very special being adorned with beautiful henna artwork that mirrors their personality, age and occasion. Suitable for children aged 8 years+.


5. Hula Hooping Birthday Party

Kids' Birthday Party Ideas - Hula Hooping Birthday PartyDoes your child like to move, shake and dance with their friends? Our Hula Hooping Birthday Party is led by a professional hula hooper and is packed full of colour, dance, music and laughter! This party is thoroughly enjoyed by boys and girls and across a variety of ages.
Your birthday child and their friends will enjoy an energising hour of hula hoop activities including group games and tricks, with plenty of time and space to show off their fanciest hoop dance and moves!
Perfect for children aged 6 years+, this is a fun-filled and energetic party that will delight your child, their friends, and even the adults who love to have a go too!


More kids’ birthday party ideas

Want more amazing kids’ birthday party ideas? Take a look at what else we have for you:

Kids’ party entertainers with a difference

At Waggle Dance, we know how important it is to have a truly outstanding entertainer hosting your child’s birthday party. That’s why we are so selective when it comes to choosing a host for you – because only the best will do! Every single one of our party hosts are professional, passionate, and genuinely love making children laugh!
If you’d like to find out more about one of our first-class kids’ birthday party ideas and packages – or if you’d prefer us to tailor something special for your child – we’d love to hear from you.

To chat about what we can do to delight your child on their special day, contact Waggle Dance today!


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