Wheeler Kids Events at the Wheeler Centre

Wheeler Kids

Kids + Books + Writing = FUN at Wheeler Kids


The Wheeler Centre is Melbourne’s home for smart, passionate and entertaining talks on every topic you can imagine. This is done through many events, videos, podcasts and original writing by our finest local and international thinkers and writers sharing their expertise, imaginations and ideas.


Wheeler Kids is where kids can roll up their sleeves and  be part of amazing events and workshops such as a Hip Hop workshop designed to get aspiring rappers, beatboxers, spoken-word artists and slap poets inspired. There are storytelling workshops, an introduction to Ickypedia where kids’s comedians introduce kids aged 6-10 to their literary masterwork with words such as ‘spewtiful‘, ‘aplhaburp’ and ‘zinkegritting’ and kids engage in some idle zoodling (drawing animals that don’t exist) and some icky poetry. Wordburgers get whipped up in the form of riddles, puzzled, quizzes and lateral thinking  gems, there’s a philosophy club, kids creating comics and bookmaking workshops.


The Wheeler Centre is located at 176 Londsdale Street in Melbourne. Keep an eye on their website for upcoming events.


Photo: The Wheeler Centre Website


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